Gluey Monkey Hands grip agent (100ml)

Gluey Monkey Hands grip agent (100ml)

NOW NEW - even stronger hold than Sticky Monkey Hands grip agent!

Monkey Hands is a gel-based grip agent that was specially developed for pole dancing. The developers have developed a formula that they have perfected over the last 7 years and tailored to the individual needs of dancers.

Contains bow resin (rosin). Thanks to slowly cooked bow resin, the Gluey grip agent is very easy to wash off compared to other bow resin-based grip agents.

Grip level: Super Strong .

  • It keeps your hands dry and guarantees a super strong grip;
  • Antibacterial;
  • Delivered in recycled plastic packaging (PCR).

Clean and dry hands well before use.

Who loves it? Athletes who want to perform their tricks extra safely.

Recommended for: Silks, rope, trapeze, circus training.

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